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BT's Fly Tying Friday

  • 17 Dec 2021
  • 6:00 PM
  • Zoom / FaceBook Streaming

These events are sponsored by BVFF members Al & Gretchen Beatty:

BT's Fly Tying Friday - Tuff'n Ezy Series of Flies

Tuff & EZY Crayfish

BT’s Fly Tying Friday we’ll be presenting the two BEST crayfish patterns we’ve ever had the good fortune to offer a fish.  Unfortunately, the absolute best one is the flexible Snaffle Bit Crayfish (SBC) and is a real pain to tie.  Don’t despair!  Gretchen’s EZY Crayfish (EC) will make even the novice fly tier smile when they see it materialize in the vise and the good part, it’s almost as good in the water as its difficult-to-tie cousin.

The weekly TIP will again focus on a dry fly tail using the “shroud” technique to strengthen a tail constructed from a material difficult to find. What is that material and how does the shroud offer it support – tune in to BT’s Fly Tying Friday to learn all about it? We’ll also learn about wrapping & mixing a grizzly/brown dry fly application.

Snaffle Bit Crayfish (Al)

  • Hook: Size 2 to 6, 200R curved style
  • Thread: Olive or brown
  • Antennae: Brown Krystal Flash
  • Mouthparts: Brown deer hair, spun & clipped
  • Claws: Dyed or natural Chickabou
  • Shellback: Schlappen coated with glue or ???
  • Rib: Copper wire
  • Body: Brown dubbing, yarn, or chenille
  • Legs: Brown hackle or Schlappen

Articulated Clip

  • Clip: Medium flex clip or shaped wire
  • Thread: Olive or brown
  • Shellback: Schlappen coated with glue or ???
  • Rib: Copper wire
  • Body: Brown dubbing, yarn, or chenille
  • Weight: Dumbbell eyes
EZY Crayfish (Gretchen)
  • Hook: 3X-long streamer, size 2 to 6
  • Weight: Non-lead wire
  • Thread: Rusty brown
  • Shellback: Brown poly yarn
  • Claws: Brown marabou
  • Rib: Copper wire
  • Legs: Brown hackle, Palmer
  • Tail (head): Brown poly yarn

Gretchen & Al Beatty are inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting.

Topic: Tuff & EZY Crayfish & TIP of the week

Time: Dec 17, 2021 6:00 PM Mountain Time (US and Canada)

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