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Leave It Better

31 Jul 2022 11:32 PM | Troy Pearse (Administrator)

How are you all? I hope your summer has been filled with travel, adventure, family, and friends. And FLY FISHING!

Can’t forget that. I’ve had the opportunity to fish with several BVFF members on the Owyhee and the Middle Fork of the Boise. We’ve had some terrific outings: caught some fish (I’d tell you the size, but you wouldn’t believe me) and have gotten to know each other a little bit better.

As I’ve driven the roads into each river and parked my car, I notice trash here and there. I must admit, I don’t always stop to pick it up, though I often do. I encourage you to take a few minutes from your fishing outings to pick up what others have left behind. Here are a few ideas:

  1. Where you park your car look around. There’s usually something to pick up,
  2. As you are fishing, look along the shore and even in the river. I’ve found Korker soles, lures, monofilament, bait containers, and a fine pair of nail clippers. I’ll often stick these items in my chest pouch, set them on shore, and pick them up on my way back up or down the river,
  3. Walking back to your car on a trail or along the road after a day on the river is often productive.
  4. Ziplock bags from your lunch are great for picking up microtrash like cigarette butts or plastic water bottle caps.
  5. The Boise Greenbelt has some "Muff Mitts" for picking up after your dog, but they also work well to pick up trash.

Be sure to take a picture and post it to #FillTheNet and #LeaveItBetter, the BVFF website, BVFF Blog, or send it to George Butts. Your example is needed to encourage others to follow. As to the swag that George sends, if you don’t want it, just let him know.

Thanks for everyone's participation. If we all pick up a little, it adds up to a lot.

Brian Martin
BVFF Leave It Better Program Lead

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