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30 Aug 2022 8:44 AM | Anonymous

by Brian Martin, Leave It Better Coordinator

We are looking into a national river adoption program that began in Illinois on the Mississippi River by an organization called Living Lands & Waters. Check out their website at This is a river stewardship program designed to keep our waterways clean providing a healthy environment for fish to thrive.

Our plan is for BVFF to adopt a 1-mile section of the Boise River in the area of our gravel augmentation in Garden City. From there we hope to partner with the cities, counties, and other jurisdictions from the Highway 21 bridge/diversion dam down through Star and possibly further. Each mile section would be adopted by a concerned organization or group. The Women Fly Fishers of Idaho have already expressed an interest in adopting a section if we get the ball rolling.

This is a huge undertaking and will take a while to come to fruition. If you have contacts in any of the governmental jurisdictions along the river corridor let us know. Together we can plant the seed of this idea in their minds and watch it grow.

Your help is always appreciated. If you would like to volunteer for any of these projects, let us know or go to our website and register when they are posted.

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