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It’s time to get on the water with BVFF

30 Aug 2022 1:24 PM | Anonymous

by Tom Old, Outings Team Lead

How has your time on the water been going?  In my case, it’s never enough. The primary goal of the BVFF Outings team is to help you get on the water more. We do that with scheduled outings, traditionally on the third weekend of the month and we have introduced the “Meet-up” concept of an outing. 

A scheduled outing is basically an overnight trip that we publish as soon as possible on the BVFF events calendar.  

This provides a one-stop location for all BVFF events. I would recommend that you select the calendar view and match with your own. The outings team is already planning outings for 2023, so you will have to select 2023 to see our planned trip to Ashton, June 2023. 

Make your plans and reservations now. 

We will be updating as we recruit an “Outings Coordinator” for the events.  Do it as a team with your fishing buddy!. Rumor has it that the team is planning an extended outing to the McCall are in July 2023 – keep watching for details. 

So, what is a meet-up? 

Simply a member saying “I am going fishing, who wants to join me?” The member works with the outings team to develop a quick announcement. It’s a great way to fish more. This summer we had meet-ups lead by Steve Adkins, Tom Old, Scott Lieberg, John Hofland and Glenn Anders. Plus, Bob Harder was the host for the Silver Creek outing in June. 

For either a scheduled outing or meet-up, we need a coordinator (member), who will help with the event. The outings team’s role is to manage the process and the communications to the member base. We have detailed instructions and will walk you through the process, so if you would like to help BVFF get on the water. This process only takes a few minutes to plan, plus hosting the event on the water. So contact, to help BVFF: 

To help promote BVFF and to help members find our group, we now have a feather flag that we will install, when possible, for you to find us and enjoy your BVFF membership. 

See you “On the Water with BVFF.” 

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